“We all have within us the ability to move from struggle to grace.” –  Arianna Huffington

Writing stuff down and sharing can be very healing…..this is me honouring where I am right now and taking the risk of sharing my true authentic self, maybe this will inspire others, so here goes;

‘Keeping it Real’;

The past week, I’ve been a bit disconnected from my teaching and my writing, in all honesty, life has been a bit of a down hill struggle, I therefore didn’t have anything intuitive or uplifting to say or write,  the last thing I wanted to do was  inflict my misery on others.

Life is not always roses, love and sunshine, in fact sometimes it’s just plain crappy. This is exactly where I am right now, feeling a bit down and crappy.  Last week, I was feeling pretty ill with a cold and a sore throat and a busy week ahead, then things took a turn for the worse. I had a very worrying, sad and upsetting personal family trauma to deal with and process, then some other negative mundane things came up, then just when I was starting to look forward to the weekend, on Friday, my beautiful gentle boy cat, Teddy was run over and killed by a car. It sure was a stressful and sad week in our house – and it also somewhat marred the celebration of my son’s 21st Birthday.

Apart from one class that I had to cancel on Tuesday evening, I taught he rest of my regular classes all week, then somehow managed to teach a workshop on the Friday evening and my Saturday class the following day. Although I felt a bit detached, yoga sprinkled her magic for the time that I was teaching, she kept me present and when emotions are rife, teaching and practising yoga can be so very healing. I also went out on Saturday night and put on a brave front as we had tickets to go to a Faithless gig with friends.  I probably drunk too much alcohol and partied too hard to numb the pain – and then I ached even more with grief and sadness the following day.

So all in all not a great week but the reason that I wanted to share is because this is the reality of life, tough times creep up on you when you are least expecting them, you get knocked to your knees leaving you wondering – what the hell just happened?

When life throws curve balls – don’t fight against it, deal with tomorrow when tomorrow arrives with what ever it may bring. Absorb each moment as and when it arises and allow yourself to feel whatever comes up, then give yourself time to process that shit! Fighting it, numbing it or pushing it away only causes more pain and suffering. Life is not always easy and when it gets especially rough, it can be hard to remember that you just have to try your best to be ok with what is, some things are out of our control.  Also know and believe that you are strong enough, you will eventually get through this and also that someone else out there is struggling more and in a much darker place than you.

Yesterday, I told myself, this is a new day. I got up and did my yoga practice for the first time in a week, I taught my morning class with feeling, expression and integrity, I took my dog for a walk out in the rain in nature and perspective got shifted, I re-evaluated what I already knew…..

One of life’s greatest gifts is ‘difficult times’ because, when we experience disharmony, it helps us to build invaluable strength of character if we choose to learn and evolve from it. We also gain more compassion for others when they have difficulties, which means we are able to make a difference in this world.

I read this poem to my students at the end of my class yesterday morning, it speaks volumes to me right now;

The Door Is Always Open –  By Donna Faulds

Fear. Pain. Dark moods,

Despairing moments. Plentiful distractions.

The human drama plays through me

as it always has, with one abiding difference.

Knowing what I am opens the door to truth.

Sometimes I step across that threshold and sometimes I don’t,

but the door is always open.


Love B xx