Most of the time the things we need and love in life conflict. For example;

I long to be nurtured whilst at the same time need my independence.
I crave stability and yet am always planning new adventures.
I love spending time with my closest friend and yet also yearn to spend time with groups of friends.
I drink freshly squeezed juice and smoothies but also enjoy a few glasses of wine at the weekend.
My favourite pastime is walking in the silence and beauty of nature, but sometimes roller coasters or riding pillion on a fast motor bike are my thing.
Yoga and meditation are my absolute passion and yet I also like to party hard and let my hair down occassionally
………and so on and so on …….

Do not resist this, you are you, live for you, do not apologise for it and do not try to fix it, accept your own contrasts. Continue to live a life of conflicts, after all, this is keeping it real and balance is key to living a real life. Sometimes we may spend so much time being self reflective or focusing on intensities that we miss out on the actual experience of living. How we continue to juggle and maintain balance encourages us to keep on learning about life’s rhythm and complexities, so that we can gain wisdom from our experiences and evolve in to the person that we are meant to be.

Love Brigitte xx

The focus for my public classes for the 2nd half of this week will about ‘balance’ and exploring ‘Samana Vayu’ – the balancing of opposing energies (apana and prana) in the body.