So we have come to the end of another amazing yoga holiday – this time in Turkey. Its sure been a busy and eclectic week this time but so much fun has been had by all. From chillin by the pool, 12 island boat trip, seeing turtles released from the turtle hospital back in to the ocean, shopping and more shopping, mud baths, evening boat trip, hammam, massages, chanting in a tree house and of course yoga twice daily – Phew! Once again a lovely lovely group of yogis, I’m filled with so much gratitude for the waves of life and how yoga gives us the ability to ride them with grace and ease. A yoga holiday always offers us the chance to recharge, gain clarity and be inspired as well as the opportunity to make new friends and try new things. One thing for certain is that I have seen 22 very happy faces this week and have had lots of lovely hugs today. Keep smiling retreat peeps, I love you all for your individual uniqueness.