Sometimes life just gets so busy, you work non stop for months, yes, even when you’re a yoga teacher! I always have great intentions at the beginning of the year to set time aside for me and then such is life that it takes over. I get new ideas, circumstances change, I get lulled in to new projects, persuaded to do an extra workshop or arrange a workshop/training from another guest teacher then before I know it, so much is happening. Sometimes the road is smooth and effortless and things go to plan, then other times the road gets bumpy because there is so much happening and things don’t go to plan. Even walking the dog became another chore, there was so much of everything everywhere and yet it seemed not enough!

Don’t get me wrong, I am truly blessed to absolutely love what I do and have been lucky enough to have taught 3 fabulous retreats in exotic locations this year, but the truth is, I was actually feeling quite burnt out before this last one in Turkey. I was lacking a little in inspiration and what I was going to offer out to the group. Before I left, it was manic, so much to organise and plan.

However as always they were a really lovely bunch, they all had a real zest for life and fun – and that inspired me. Yes that and the twice daily dose of yoga as always did her job and started to lift my heavy cloud of bus-iness.

Then after the yoga retreat, I got to have ‘my’ first holiday this year – yes my first holiday (other than the odd couple of days here and there) for me and my man to just ‘be’. I just let my hair down and experienced everything from, the mountains, the sea, the sunsets, the boats, the river, the fishes, the ducks, the cats, new friends, exquisite food, jazz bars, dancing, lakes, jeeps and adventures, then, do you know what – it all just took my breath away, everything was perfect again, even my daily Turkish cup of tea was just perfect.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with busy schedules and normal every day chaos and yet all we have to do is give ourselves some breathing space to reflect, appreciate and let gratitude wash over us. When you give yourself the gift of time – you can move forwards with so much more grace.
So my friends, the lesson here is; do yourself a favour, offer yourself the gift of space, be present and be forever grateful – new moon intentions….and all that…

Now, I’m off to the kitchen to rustle up a nice little Turkish salad from my grateful heart

Love B xxx