Autumn Equinox = Balance

Cooler weather, less sunshine and falling leaves … Autumn is upon us once again and I for one have been feeling a deep sensory whirling internal energy this week. Not only due to the Autumn Equinox but we are also in the lead up to this year’s closest ‘Super-moon’ to the earth’s orbit. This Harvest Moon will undergo a total eclipse too – this Sunday – 27th September.

Today is the beginning of darker, shorter and colder days for us here in the northern hemisphere. It’s actually really important to be reminded of theses geographical facts because the sun and the moon can radically influence our bodies, souls and minds, as do the changing seasons.

I personally feel the need to pause and recalibrate my rhythm to nature in order to feel more balanced. Today I walked in the woods, absorbed the smells, the warmth of the sun and the crisper air, for me this time of the year really reminds me to stay balanced, it can also mean that my yoga practice changes it’s rhythm too.

There is always flow in our daily lives, so it’s important to check in with yourself with integrity, intuitively and really listen to your body and mind at all times. You may be feeling a different energy too. The Equinox signals balance (day and night are equal) and the nights will start to get longer in the coming months. We will be moving from sun to moon, light to dark, yang to yin, outer achievements to inner reflection and action to contemplation. So this post is just a gentle reminder to look after yourselves.

Love Brigitte xx