Last week I was asked a question;

What does it mean to be Open Hearted?

The dictionary defines open hearted as being kindly and warm. Disclosing intentions and thoughts clearly; candid!

I feel that being ‘Open Hearted’ is a little deeper than that. Being open hearted is profoundly healing, it’s being able to peel back our protective layers so that we can allow ourselves to not pretend any more, to live our truth, even when that means showing our vulnerability. Those of us who choose from one moment to the next to live with tender open hearts, have consciously taken down our guard and walls of protection, we have chosen to show up in the world 100% completely as ourselves our true selves without apology, secrets or suppressing anything from the world. I believe that buried emotions or hiding things from others can be absolutely crippling towards our own personality and the way that we act and behave in our lives. If we can let down our barriers, then we have love on our side, we can genuinely feel it and give it – freely without even trying.

I believe that if we can be wide open even when ‘sh-t’ happens and we are really hurting, we should let everyone see it, because our bravery to be vulnerable and to show our truest feelings can have such a beautiful ripple effect on others and it can open their hearts too.
Our experiences and our stories make us stronger. If we can let ourselves feel hurt and if we can be present with it, then when our hearts eventually heal, we actually expand and strengthen our capacity to be true to ourselves and others. This means that we can love more and more and more.

In a nutshell, I believe that when we can truly openly connect to our feeling self, it is there for everyone to see and it will show up in everything we say and everything we do. Having love on our side, doesn’t mean that we won’t sometimes hurt but being open hearted means exposing our hearts to reveal new ways of being, of thinking, and most importantly of loving.

Love Brigitte xxx