Holding on to our pain makes it spread inside us, like cancer. Keeping our emotions to our self only locks people out, and with no outlet, we are left alone with our minds and our fears and our regrets. Yoga/ Meditation and other Awareness practices are crucial to helping you find balance and peace, it doesn’t matter how long 15 mins or 2 hours, but get on your mat and get back in to your body or go for a walk, meditate, do something that you love, see a friend, it can be so freeing, it helps you to be open, to feel uplifted again and to be more present with the here and now. The yoga teaches us that it’s ok to be fragile. To be vulnerable. To bare our hearts. It’s ok. Know that everyone feels the same things, just not always at the same time, and that sharing your story is the first step to letting it go. Tell the world how you feel. Ask for help. Call a friend and tell them you are not ok. There is no judgment here. In the end, we are all just walking each other home.

B xxx