For me – Yoga is a complete ‘pick me up’ – Happiness is Yoga!. The time that I spend on my yoga mat is magnificent in its power to alter my ‘mind state’.

Every time I roll my mat out, even if I have had a bummer of a day, or am feeling self doubt, or I’m tired and not even feeling motivated to practice, I know that yoga will work her magic. I always gain self discipline, flexibility, strength and expansion in my body and I’m so grateful just for just that – but then before I know it something else kicks in, the yoga has the capacity to liberate my mind, it makes me feel good about myself again, it opens me to possibility, and to seeing beyond my ‘conditioned mind’ .

Yoga teaches me the most important lesson of all, even when I’ve been busy, running around like a headless chicken all day – yes yoga teachers do that too  When Im on my mat, its my time to come back to ‘me’. It’s my sanctuary, immediately, I feel uplifted and my energy state changes, I remember to be open, to pause, to become more present and to breathe in this most wonderful existence. I can literally feel the very fibres of my own being in the here and now and I feel appreciative of my life on this planet.

That’s the power of yoga, let your practice guide your body to liberate your mind and unleash your radiant spirit of possibility on this world. You are amazing, you have potential.
Practice Yoga = Practice Happiness.

Love B xxx