What do I want from this gift of life I’ve been given? ……….I want to know that I took chances and risks. I want to know that I kept my visions alive and followed my dreams. I want to be inspired by following the truth and the warmth in my heart so that I can live freely and give freely. I want to try my best not to be selfish and practice compassion instead. I want to be free from self doubt, fear, stress and worry. I want to be someone whom my friends and family can lean on, love and trust with their lives. I want to always practice mind/body awareness so that I continue to open my body and mind to gain positivity, clarity and intuition on a daily basis. I want to progress and move forward both on my yoga mat and in my life. I want to share deep meaningful, inspiring conversations with people from all walks of life so that we get to see a much bigger picture of life and let go of our tunnel vision. I want to keep my dreams alive always. I want to live in the sun by the sea with my man and my pets, having a healthy, relaxing lifestyle that of course will include, long walks in nature, music, reading, friends, teaching yoga, meditation, and having much more time to write. I want to always be inspired and try to be the best version of myself every day.

b xx