I am grateful for this beautiful moment – this photo of me meditating was captured by a lovely friend and it is a meaningful and poignant reminder of all of the many things I have to be grateful for. I am so very blessed to be able to teach my passion ?yoga around the globe. I am grateful for all of nature and what it teaches me. I am grateful to wake up every morning and to be conscious in my mind and body. I am grateful to be able to give love, receive love and feel love in every part of my being, I am grateful that my body is thriving, I am grateful for all of the beautiful people in my life and especially those that cross my path and inspire me or help me to grow in some way. I am grateful to have my 3 cats and my dog lying on my bed and my man beside me as I type this. I am grateful that my daughter is downstairs cooking us all scrambled eggs and tomatoes for breakfast. I am grateful for the sun trying its best to shine outside and for this brand new day and what it has to offer me. I am grateful to be smiling as this was only meant to be a short post with a photo I am grateful that I can waffle on about gratefulness Have an amazing Sunday.

Love B xxx