Just for now, without asking how, let yourself sink into stillness.
Just for now, lay down the weight you so patiently bear upon your shoulders.
Feel the earth receive you, and the infinite expanse of the sky grow even wider as your awareness reaches up to meet it.
Just for now, allow a wave of breath to enliven your experience.
Breathe out whatever blocks you from the truth.
Just for now, be boundless, free, with awakened energy tingling in your hands and feet.
Drink in the possibility of being who and what you really are – so fully alive that the world looks different, newly born and vibrant, just for now.
~ Danna Faulds

This poem perfectly sums up how inspired and uplifted I feel after a week away teaching a lovely group of yogi’s at a very special place that I didn’t want to leave – Finca Argayall on the island of La Gomera;

As a group we shared a magical and inspiring vibe here and as we became more present, the energy became more potent as the week went on.

Words cannot explain the feeling I got when I first stepped in to this retreat centre, I was shown to my room which was a rustic log cabin in a peaceful tropical garden. I immediately felt like I was home, I felt comfortable, protected and very safe literally bathing in the arms of ‘Mother Nature’. With the powerful diverse back drop of huge mountains behind us and the vastness of the sea in front of us, in-between, there were many unusual colours, lush vegetation and friendly animals – even the lizards that slither across the path as we were passing through seemed to communicate.

The feeling that I got, was all to do with the power of conscious awareness linked to the power of nature and that has been the exact recipe of this place for more than 30 years. At any given time, there are approximately 20 crew living and working here, they are friendly happy hippy warriors who believe in authenticity, integrity and creativity. They live an alternative, experimental community life in this beautiful and unique setting. Every meal was made with love, there was attention to detail everywhere, from the flowers in our rooms to the strategically placed artistic beach stone monuments on our little patio or in our gardens, around the grounds were secret little places where we could find sanctuary and relax. It is the crew’s ability to share this magical and powerful place with guests that keeps the experiment and the energy of the place alive, vibrant and absolutely contagious.

All kinds of weekly activities, retreats and workshops go on here from massage, yoga, meditation, dancing to all kinds of diverse energy work.

It has been scientifically proven that theses healing practices can directly influence our physical material world. Everything that exists in this universe is energy that is constantly spinning and vibrating and human consciousness is connected to it, because human awareness is also energy and can influence nature and even re-structure it.

We experienced this several times last week; one time being our very last meditation together, by this time we had really bonded as a group, there was a real energy feeling of family love and togetherness in the shala. A very powerful force was created in that meditation that literally invited the birds to sing and powerfully lifted the wind and the sea too, we also felt heat and tingling within our bodies. This is not an uncommon occurrence at Finca Argayall and was most certainly not a coincidence…..I have seen this before and I am sure I will witness it again and again ~~~~~~~~~
The power of thought/prayer/consciousness/awareness/energy – it reminds us that we are all part of a whole and that we are not separate.