I have 2 classes to teach and a long long list of admin to catch up on and lots of other mundane chores followed by a meeting later – running around like a headless chicken – me?
No! – because today I’m being kind to myself and giving myself the gift of ‘Time’!.

1.Time to meditate for 30 minutes this morning,
2.Time to relax in the bath.
3.Time to plan my morning class
4.Time to leisurely walk my dog and appreciate nature,
5.Time to call my Mum and ask her how she is.
6.Time to study and write/journal,
7.Time to smile and and be kind to everyone whom crosses my path today.
8.Time to text my man with a loving message,
9.Time to hug him and give him my full presence when he arrives home.
10.Time to call a friend that I haven’t seen for a while.
11.Time to spend with my son and daughter, time to compliment them and and ask them about their day and week when they get in from work.
12.Time to relax and read before I go to bed this evening.
13.Time to be grateful for everything about my day.
14.Time to reflect and smile.

On writing this I have completed 1,2,3 & 4, – just 10 more to go ……….

Be kind to yourself today too – I dare you – take the risk of not getting everything done and give yourself the gift of time – everyone will benefit and most of all ‘YOU’

Love B xxx