My practice this morning as always has inspired me. There’s a beauty when I step on my mat for an early morning yoga practice, it actually does not happen very often. When it it does though, it’s always a very special time, a time for me to really express myself because it’s my time. I woke early this morning, my house was quiet, everyone else was asleep, it was just silence and my mat was beckoning. I stepped on to it and was immediately transported to a deeper state of consciousness.

Where I got the energy from, I do not know but, it was a strong practice, I even tried an inversion in the middle of the room that I have been working on for a while and I fell – a few times (gracefully). I see this as an opportunity to simply reset and move on, one step closer for the next time. I just smiled to myself and I’m ok with that. I enjoy both the progress and the set backs. Being on our mats is such a great way to discover and learn about our bodies and minds. No failure is ever negative. Self practice helps me to feel at peace with how my body moves and feels in that moment. I sometimes like to try the more difficult poses because they help me to stay centred and present. I also like to practice my favourite poses though, as this offers me complete self expression, I can breathe fully, feel absolutely beautiful and so good about myself.

The best feeling though is the feeling afterwards, I just love that floaty feeling as I get up and walk away from my mat with sparkling eyes and a big fat smile on my face ready to take on the world from a whole new perspective.
Now I am feeling so very blessed and grateful that I am going upstairs to get ready so that I can spend the whole morning teaching others to feel the same.

Shine on

Love B xxx