Change is a constant cycle, it is inevitable but not always comfortable, it can literally spin us out of our comfort zone when we are least expecting it. The question is can we embrace it wholeheartedly……?

One of the great symbols of this constant cycle of change is the image of Shiva Nataraja, the King of the Dance portrayed in Hindu mythology as the aspect of Shiva whose ecstatic dance of destruction lays the foundation for the creation and sustenance of the universe. Shiva Nataraja dances at the center of the wheel of samsara, a cosmic ring of fire that symbolizes the eternal cycle of birth, life, and death..

Change is after all the essence of life and it can enter our lives at any moment, so we must never take anything for granted. I like to see it as an opportunity for personal growth. Sometimes change has to happen in order for us to move forwards and allow our lives to unfold in another direction.

Change however is profoundly challenging. How many times in your life have you seen change rolling towards you? Have you tried to control it, did you accept it or try to resist it – but it still happened anyway. Can you accept the emotions that often accompany change too, can you simply just sit with sadness, anxiety, bitterness or anger and know that this is just a process that it will eventually pass and you will be ok?

Change asks us to be brave. It asks us to whole-heartedly embrace the unknown. It asks us to let go, and to trust the universe that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

Our yoga practice and the yoga poses (asanas) provide us with training and practice in learning how to work with change by teaching us to stay mindful. When we enter a pose we begin to seek out the physical edge of sensation. We don’t want to push past it into too much effort or control, which could lead to frustration or even injury, but equally we don’t want to pull away from it either. We want to rest right on that developmental edge of sensation. We breathe, pay attention and stay present, then as if by magic, the body relaxes and opens, naturally when it is ready to. A skillful, conscious yoga practice teaches us to observe misalignment’s, unhealthy patterns in the body or habits that are causing tension or pain, so that we can create a new ones that better serve our body.

Yoga therefore resembles our lives, sometimes we have set patterns or limiting beliefs and our minds resist or complains. If we can accept what is happening, observe, relax, stay present and trust, transformation happens and the body/mind quite simply adjusts itself, heals and opens up with grace to whatever lays ahead.

By developing a conscious awareness through yoga, meditation, or any activity that quiets the mind, restores the connection to your body, and opens your heart. You will literally make peace with yourself and the more peaceful your mind is, the clearer and stronger your intuition, that deep inner knowing will guide you forwards in a new direction that feels absolutely right.

This week – I will inspire you with the mythology of Shiva Nataraja – Lord of the dance – the story urges you to live from your center and dance, celebrating life’s ups and downs, knowing that a part of you is connected to all the pulsations of time and space.

Lets liberate ourselves and Embrace ‘Change’

See you on your mats for a joyful, upbeat, celebration of ‘Change’ – be open to all possibilities

Love Brigitte xxx