When life becomes difficult or challenging, for inspiration and reassurance, I always remember my Anusara roots and the very First principle of Alignment – ‘Open to Grace’.

When you Open to Grace, you open to all the opportunities, the gifts and also the challenges that life brings you— for each one contains the seed for transformation, each experience contributes to making us who we are. Opening to Grace, is saying yes to the whole river of life. Grace will hold you, will transform you and also has the power to transform everything you aspire to. Opening to Grace means to be open, trust you will be ok, live fully, aspire to the highest and to believe that you will be held every step of the way.

I have realized that whenever I feel down or upset, I finally have something that I have never had before and therefore I don’t feel lost. I try to trust in this principle, I trust that this is all part of my journey and that a bigger picture will emerge. As we find trust and find meaning in our struggles, we can be reassured that there is no reason to feel lost. We are simply connected to a greater flow~~~~~~~

Love B xxx