Making progress and moving forwards both on your yoga mat and in your life can sometimes be challenging; We progress a lot when we first start yoga, we learn to become more aware, observe, experiment, explore our breath and how our body responds to it. We ultimately deepen our relationship with ourselves both on and off the mat, then one day, suddenly our practice becomes more difficult or we become injured and we are faced with obstacles.

The same is true in life, challenges arise at every turn and what we once looked forward to, instead sometimes brings us face-to-face with hard choices and different aspects of who we are and even what direction we foresee our lives heading in.That’s life, but – within the face of our most challenging moments, what we are actually presented with are opportunities to find a deeper strength within ourselves, to listen for guidance from our intuition and cues from the universe.

The big question is; can you trust, can you follow through and go with the flow, literally can you say yes to all that’s in front of you? A yes to a shift in your life, a yes to moving forward out of your comfort zone? If you can be your-Self and stay present in every situation that presents itself, then your intuition will look after you, you will instinctively know how to create shifts and move forwards.

When we can communicate with ourselves in this way and challenges present themselves, we can choose to make clear, deliberate choices that put things into action. Action that moves you toward you’re highest goal and the most natural way forward for yourself. By embracing our fears, sometimes in the face of adversity and vulnerability, we can learn to trust the courage of our hearts, and the wisdom of the quiet voice inside that tells us yes you can do it. We can follow through, move forwards, take a chance with total awareness It can be both daunting by also so freeing as well wildly liberating. We all have a choice to move forward and progress if  we can trust our inner knowing.

Love B xx