Hello Yogi’s,

The past week has been a long one for me for sure and a powerful yoga lesson off my mat. After seeing in the New Year with great celebrations, I went on to teach 3 back to back New Year yoga workshops/classes, then the following day I attended a wonderful ‘New Year Pigeon Extravaganza’ Yoga Workshop with Claire Murphy. Our bodies are incredibly wise and that same evening, my body said “Please no more”, and I came down with the dreaded virus that has been doing the rounds.

I am rarely ill, but this literally knocked me for 6. I spent the first 3 days in bed feeling very sorry for myself with a high temperature and absolutely zero energy. I’m pleased to say that I am now on the road to recovery, but still feel as though I have several daggers in my throat. so I am resting my voice as much as possible, as I fly out to India to teach a 2 week yoga retreat tomorrow, my first class being Monday! This week, I had so many things to achieve, organise and do, as well as my usual class schedule but the universe clearly had other plans. Instead I have sweated it out, slept or lounged around on the sofa with daytime television for company! I have had such a heavy cold over my eyes and forehead that I have not even been able to read without my head and eyes hurting.

It has been a challenge indeed, but I knew deep down that in order to connect back to myself and to feel healthy and grounded again for teaching a retreat in India, I had to withdraw, listen to my body, honour what it needs, support that and practice what I preach. I had to give myself permission to slow right down and be ok with saying ‘NO’ to teaching, writing Newsletters, Class plans for India, replying to E mails, going shopping, doing housework, dog walking, etc. I have had to cancel 7 one to ones, get my regular classes subbed where possible and let my lovely family nurture, look after me and help out lots for which I am so grateful.

I had to offer myself the time to top up with vitamins and nutrients, surrender, be still, rest up and sleep deeply and boy did my body need it. This has been so difficult for me because I know that my knowledge and what I do, can help and inspire others, especially at the start of a New Year when our yoga practice is about setting positive intentions. However, I also know that taking care of myself, slowing down and learning to be patient will preserve my energy so that my body can heal and make a full recovery. Our bodies are amazing, they respond to everything that we put in to them and take out of them. Therefore in order to stay in balance, we must remember that it is our job to nurture and support them to the best of our ability.

On a positive note, I now know everything there is to know about this years latest fashion trends and who’s dating who among the rich and famous and I can tell you every piece of news that has occurred this week. I also know the weather forecast for the next 5 days.

Joking aside though this has been a perfect time for ‘Reflection’, as I look forward to 2015, I hope that I can keep practicing the art of patience, slowing down and most of all not feel guilty about it. I plan on looking after me more and not taking on quite such a hectic teaching schedule each week. Relaxation and Meditation are just about the best gift we can offer to ourselves each day. When the body and mind can rest and heal, you actually gain more energy and clarity. Today for instance, I am still resting my voice but I am feeling freshly inspired and creative, I have great ideas for my classes in India and I was motivated to write this blog.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that places more value on doing than on being, there is a tendency to attach our worth to our accomplishments. We are all guilty from time to time for placing more value on how much we do and how busy we are rather than what we do or how we do it. We miss the point that sometimes doing nothing is more powerful and productive than anything. Sometimes you have to slow down so that the world around you can catch up to your vision. There are often moments in life and situations where there is nothing for you to do but be still. Acting out of impatience won’t necessarily make things happen more quickly, but will instead cause you more stress and suffering. Rather than forcing things into existence, slow down, practice the art of being still, silent, and waiting patiently. Connect with the flow of life that already is. Of course, this is easier said then done as being still requires practice. However we can use the time that we are doing nothing to reflect, restore, rejuvenate and to prepare ourselves for action. Otherwise we may find ourselves depleted from all of our busyness and unable to be at our best when it counts the most as I found out this week.

Consequently, this year my advice to you is don’t sacrifice your health and well being by taking on too much, instead ensure that you put into place a time to regularly relax and re-energise your body whether that is through yoga or some other form that resonates with you. Finally find some time to meditate as it will keep you connected with a deeper part of yourself which will help and guide you through this beautiful journey we call life. Then by all means, if you have or feel a deep purpose that you would like to pursue, seize the opportunity, go for it, be open to all possibilities and follow through with your goals and dreams.

My next post will be inspired from my beloved India, I cannot wait to be back there and share my teachings which such a beautiful group of 18 yogi’s.

In the meantime, classes are on as usual and are all being covered by fantastic inspiring teachers.

My Whitespace Yoga classes are being covered by amazing teachers, check the studio’s daily timetable for more info and please continue to attend your regular class, its so good to experience different teachers and perhaps get a different perspective on yoga and life.

My own private classes are being covered by 2 gorgeous friends of mine whom are both excellent teachers.

Tuesday morning class at The Granary is taking a break until February and so are my private Restorative classes.

Wednesday evening classes at The Granary are with Geni, a wonderful Yoga Teacher, she brings a wealth of knowledge and loves to weave beautiful stories into her classes as well as a wicked sense of humour.

Saturday morning classes at Broughton Pavillion are being covered by Tracey who has lots of teaching experience. She will offer you a lovely upbeat creative Vinyasa Flow class sprinkled with her natural dose of happiness – this will set you up for the weekend.

Look after yourselves, go slowly and mindfully, see you in a moment!

Wishing you all a Healthy, Happy and Relaxed 2015!

Lots of Love

Brigitte xxx