Virabhadrasana or Warrior poses in yoga are often overlooked opportunities to go deeper within and reflect on what it really means to be a warrior in our everyday lives.

We are all stronger than we think how true those words are. Sometimes we just have to push ourselves a little harder to get results, as well as believe in ourselves enough to realize that we have the potential to reach our goals, or hold ourselves up for a few breaths longer.

Warrior poses can represent our own journey from lower to higher levels of consciousness. In other words; ask yourself what is my purpose in life? Can I be strong and balanced, can I deal with what life throws at me positively and with resilience? Where am I heading? What does success look like to me? Does every breath I take contain the seed of awareness to get me there with integrity?

Therefore when we flow in to warrior poses, we can visualise that we are tapping into our own inner warrior that resides deep within and guides us through. A warrior is not devoid of fear, far from it, a warrior faces fear, and the very facing of fear is enough to make it begin to disappear. By practicing warrior poses in our yoga practice, we can feel empowered and stronger.

Warrior poses are wonderfully grounding; stabilising, energising, they also offer us focus, endurance, stamina and integrity when practiced correctly. There are also many benefits such as expansion and lightness across the chest, shoulders, heart, lungs, core awareness, and stimulation of the abdominal organs and digestion. We also stretch our inner thighs and groins whilst creating strength in our shoulders, arms, core, thighs, calves and ankles.

Be a warrior, acknowledge your past, look ahead towards your future and stand tall with empowerment, grace and dignity in your present.

Love B xxx