This week Autumn really arrived with some stormy/windy weather, for me, this really marked the change in the seasons. Officially autumn began on Sept 22nd but in many of our hearts and minds, the start to autumn is not scientific, it’s simply about the changes that start to take place in nature known as phenology. Autumn is when the landscape starts to silently explode with vibrant colours and the leaves begin to drop off the trees in to beautiful crisp colourful heaps, also plants cast their seeds on the wind, gardeners and farmers are reaping fruits, berries and nuts. Big bright full moons have graced the autumn sky, temperatures have started to drop; the nights are drawing in and we need to wrap ourselves up more when we go outside. For me autumn is really here when I sadly have to resign my self to the fact that I need to swap my flip flops with Ugg boots.

In a way Autumn is like shedding a skin, its a time for turning inwards, reflecting and re-evaluating our priorities, it’s a time to perhaps let go of what is no longer useful. It’s a time to observe your own body and mind and see what shifts need to take place in order to renew and recharge in the coming months – just by welcoming different root vegetables and other foods into our meals , our bodies crave and need different foods in the colder months, maybe there needs to be an emotional shift too. It’s a time to cleanse, detox and slow right down, to listen inwardly, to start to pay attention to our bodies rhythms and to be in flow with nature.

My classes in Autumn are designed to encourage just that, we can wring out our internal organs with twists and side stretches, we will let go of what no longer serves us by practicing forward folds. We can have fun with headstands (or modified variations) and other inversions to kick start our immune systems. Also a daily meditation practice can be very beneficial in the colder months to encourage our minds and bodies to turn inwards so that we can reflect and pay attention to our innermost needs in order to nurture, care and renew ourselves at this time.

Love B xx