Yoga has encouraged me to stay young and fearless. Don’t get me wrong, I still have wrinkles and parts of me sag!  and as I am getting older my body is changing its shape too. However yoga gives me vigour and energy, yoga gives me self esteem and keeps me young in the only way that counts on the inside. Young on the inside means, young organs, joints, nervous system, young outlook, and because you glow from the inside out, you also look radiant and youthful in the way that your body moves with grace and ease. Its also to do with the willingness to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace new things. Its the way that you smile, laugh and make the most of all of life. Age is not about your birth date or grey hairs or wrinkles, its about your attitude, how young your spine is and how energised your body feels.

Embrace playfulness, you can have as much fun falling out of a posture as getting in to it. Leave your yoga class feeling energised, who cares whether or not you can do a handstand yet, yoga is about the fun we have along the way. Simply immerse yourself in your breath, accept your own unique body, leave your inner critique behind but have a sense of humour yoga is for everyone of all age and ability.

Love Brigitte xxx