The most natural back bends can be liberating, joyful and pleasurable when we stabilise our alignment and then instinctively move with grace in to the exhilaration of the arch. Back bends are difficult for some of us, we get instinctly protective of our front bodies especially if we have been emotionally wounded in some way. Therefore opening our hearts also opens us up to vulnerability, however they also help to build courage and inspire us to to feel love, be free and to reach out toward others with this same energy. Back bends also help us to be more fully ourselves and feel more fully alive.
The big question is can we then take this celebration of yoga off our mats and in to our lives? Can we maintain our open hearts, our energised prana nourished body and steady mind? Can we still remain comfortable in our own skin, can we continue to align with ease to our own unique rhythm?

Our Heart is the centre of loving feelings, when we connect to it we are able to experience joy, happiness, freedom of spirit and lightness. The moment that you discover the depth, delight and ecstasy of your heart, you know you will always be loved and will always be able to give love wholeheartedly to others.

‘One Love, One heart, lets get together and feel alright’ – Bob Marley

Can we open to ‘love’ and live our best possible life? It’s your choice – Say YES!

Love Brigitte xxx