I’m  in Crete teaching a Retreat, yesterday, the sea was very rough and we had really high winds. I love to watch the waves and can become completely absorbed in the vastness of the ocean. The beauty and pure rawness of nature completely centres me. Sometimes the waves are big and strong and sometimes they are gentle and calm. A wave can throw us back to the shore or if we are not careful can suck us in. The sea is always a gentle reminder of how in our life we often have to ride rough times, the question is, can you ride the waves with grace? Can you go with the flow? Can you surf the rough tides without resisting the current? If we can, then we are trusting in a greater force that will carry us with grace. We are acknowledging that rough times come but that things will soon smooth out again if we can go with the flow. The tide will become calm again if we can stay calm and weather it. If we learn to read the pattern of the waves in our lives through our interaction with them we can understand the energy of a wave, how to use it to our best advantage, how to dance amidst its awesome power.
Life is full of rough waters, your determination to get through those waters no matter how big the obstacle you face, makes every difference between riding the waves of life or being crushed by them.
Brigitte xxx