“Don’t let your age control your life. Let your life control your age”……we just popped up on to the roof top of our hotel (as you do) to have some fun whilst our room was being cleaned

Learning this arm balancing pose – Astavakrasana is challenging but accessible for most yogi’s with lots of practice. It involves seriousness blended with playfulness, flexibility blended with strength and patience blended with perseverance – just like LIFE. It took me 2 years of playing and willingness to practice before I got there. 

Be curious, be inquisitive, be spontaneous, explore, play and be open in your mind. This is the yoga that I am teaching and ultimately it is more important than whether or not you can do the pose…

#takerisks #stayyoung #beplayful #beinspired – that is the intention here…….

Love Brigitte xxx