Summer Solstice, brings us to the halfway point of the Year. During this time the Earth is tilted closest to the Sun giving us greater exposure to the Sun’s light and, subsequently, the longest day of the year which is this Saturday 21st June. Therefore this week, the sun is in full reign, reaching a peak in the sky, it is of immense power and potency. The Summer Solstice has long been a time of celebration and festivity dating back to ancient times through to present day. It is believed that Midsummer Magic has the power to allow the seemingly impossible to materialise and manifest. The brilliance of the sun allows us to see things clearly, the Summer Solstice can represent sexuality, love, creativity, prosperity, energy, luck, health, happiness, magic and wishes. This is the time of the year to celebrate your spirit, to open your hearts and to make your very own personal Summer Solstice ‘Wish’. Whatever you most desire can made to manifest in to the ‘Light’ – It is said that no request for dreams and wishes to come true can be refused on Summer Solstice Day…..

Summer Solstice, Celebration Poem.

Midsummer —
Longest day
Shortest night
Longest light
Shortest dark
The world within
Echoes the world without
Lush foliage, leaves unfurled
Soft springy grass dotted with
Brightly colored flowers peeping through
The earth is green and bright
With warm sunny days
Clear velvety blue skies
Gentle cool breezes
Nature in glory
Our hopes blossom
Creativity flowers
With the season
The seeds of the fruit
Our desires will bear
Can be seen
On the stems
Of our dreams

Love B xxx