This is what I was inspired to feel and write after a particularly beautiful meditation;

To bluebell woods;
To sunny days;
To walking in nature;
To taking deep breaths.
To feeling love, empathy and kindness to all living beings;
To seeing the beauty in all things including yourself;
To embracing new things;
To surrounding yourself with people that make you happy and bring out the best in you;
To bear hugs;
To laughing until your face hurts;
To being you without apology;
To trying your best not to make judgements about others;
To friends that know you inside out, they know your authenticity and that you speak and live your truth;
To making decisions from your heart;
To walking barefoot;
To being completely absorbed in a good book;
To saying I Love You;
To holding hands;
To kisses;
To being home;
To being on your yoga mat;
To letting go and surrendering so completely that you feel at peace;
To silence;
To love;
To connecting to the vast compassion contained in your heart and trying your best to live your life from this space;
To simply appreciate LIFE and all of the moments in between;
To the power of meditation and how it alters our perception of the world so positively…..

Love Brigitte xxx