Shri means Radiance in sanskrit and is also translated as beauty or that which is inspiring’

Whilst away in North Devon last week on holiday, I actually had time completely for myself for a change, literally to be peaceful and acutely aware of myself and my surroundings. All week I blissfully flowed along with the universe, supremely consciousness and experiencing complete ‘Shri’.

My base was a simple open plan wooden cabin with a pretty colourful garden on a steep hill with far reaching views of countryside and sea; it was so peaceful and serene. I walked for miles with my dog every day and practiced meditation in various locations both at sunrise and sunset. I relaxed, I laughed and loved everything and everyone, it was wonderful. I reflected on life, I absorbed nature and my beautiful surroundings ? luscious green hills, sand dunes, miles of beautiful white sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, swirling endless sea. The longer my stay, the more I connected to my true nature and joy, it was exquisite, I started to see extraordinary beauty in everything and everyone. I was adorned with such grace and found myself smiling inwardly all of the time, I loved the silence of being without outside distractions – bliss!

Like most Sanskrit words shri cannot be defined with one English word. Shri is the goddess Lakshmi; she is divine beauty both elegant and graceful. Shri is splendour; the magnificent light that shines from the rays of the sun, gleams off the water and twinkles from one?s eyes. Shri is abundant and reminds us that there is always more; the universe is expanding. Shri is sacred and affirms life.

Of course when on holiday without a care in the world, it is easy to open our hearts to beauty but maybe our daily mantra could be ?Every day can be a holiday?, every day we can look for ?Shri ( beauty) in everyone and everything just by becoming more conscious and aware. Although great suffering happens every day on the earth, we can choose to align with the Tantric vision of life that sees the world as essentially a joyful, playful manifestation of Supreme Consciousness.

When we attune ourselves with the Supreme, then joy naturally arises within us because that bliss is the fundamental ground of existence. When we get out of alignment with Spirit/ our natural flow and we try to make or expect life to be something different than it really is, suffering happens. We all experience pain and suffering, but it is not the quintessential nature of life. Just because the earth turns away from the sun and night occurs doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t always shining. It might be hard to see sometimes, but goodness and divine beauty can always be found if you adjust your vision just right. So in this Tantric view, there is always some light to celebrate within each and every day”.

Often when we begin to practice Yoga and its life affirming philosophy and approach, this can be the 1st thing that we start to realise, that actually we feel good and then our life begins to feel good too, and this then starts to resonate deep within our hearts. When we touch the light of our own hearts, eventually the feeling deepens in to true joy –  SHRI. Our hearts are longing to reconnect to their source and Yoga is a gateway to our natural selves, it gives us an opportunity to self-reflect, to listen deeply, and to hear the inner desires of our hearts. When we are living in alignment with our deepest beliefs, life becomes more joyful. When the heart feels at home, the boundaries that prevent us from experiencing our natural self dissolve and what is left is the pure joy of the heart to delight in this gift of life.

My time away allowed me to reflect, sometimes we get so caught up in the stress and order of our every day lives that we are no longer inspired.  I reminded myself to celebrate my highest potential of seeing beauty with every breath in every moment of every day and have recited my mantra every day since being home – “Every day is a holiday”  ;-).

By recognizing and acknowledging the brightness and goodness  in each person, you will help to magnify the Shri all around you. A compliment works wonders – Your smile is so bright, or You have a kind heart, or, You are so thoughtful and caring or I love what you are wearing,. Examine nature with awareness and notice the colour of the sky or the dew sparkling on the grass or the sound of the birds singing etc then like the radiance of a star you will start to see ?Shri? in everyone and everything. Take in nature, be aware, be present and you will be in awe of the beauty surrounding you all of the time.

By having this light, positive outlook and recognizing and acknowledging the divine good in everyone and everything, you will magnify Shri all around you and within you ? and you will feel so uplifted ? life is great!

I encourage you to make unique beauty in your yoga practice and in your life by generating more Shri – go for it!

With love 😉

Brigitte xx