Some of us have always known our Dharma – it is a creative meaningful expression of ourselves, its following our heart, our special talent. Some of us however are not even aware of this deep dharma presence or its its significance in our life and some of us are still trying to discover what our purpose for being here is. We all have something unique and special to offer the world. Dharma leads to harmony – it can enhance your life and touch others.

Anusara Yoga is about aligning with nature because when we align with grace on our yoga mats we are aligning our bodies physically, this feels so good and in turn it aligns and opens our minds. That good feeling is inherently part of aligning ourselves to our truest nature because when we align with nature, we are being dharmic as we are going with what is natural to us.  Dharma is when we align with our gifts and talents and offer them to others, we feel joy, we feel happy because we are, in essence, offering the deepest part of ourselves and nothing could be more in alignment and more fulfilling than that.

When we don’t align with nature, we are being Adharmic because we are going against what is natural. Every one of us has something special to offer. Every one of us has things that we are truly good at ?and its through these gifts that we can bring out the intrinsic goodness within ourselves and share it with each others as a celebration. If we are offering ourselves through our gifts and talents, we will be happy and content because we are being true to ourselves.

John Friend (the founder of Anusara yoga), says, – Dharma always leads to harmony.

When you are honouring your dharma you begin to see that everything is connected and you experience freedom because you look at the world differently. When you are with a group of people who are not dharmic it makes you realise how much your life has shifted. It would not be your dharma if you did something that was not in alignment with who you were.

Many people in our society go after jobs for the money rather than following what they know in their heart what they are naturally good at and letting those gifts guide them. As a result, they are miserable and their overall energy, enthusiasm, creativity and even health is diminished. Your Dharma may simply be that you are a good communicator so interacting with people, touching, speaking and smiling could be your dharma or maybe you are an artist even if this does not earn you enough money you could use this special talent to fulfil you and give joy to others.

Delving a bit deeper – John described the 4 main aims or desires from the Rig Veda, the oldest of the Vedas.

1.) Dharma

2.) Artha ~ includes all of the things your need to live out your dharma.

3.) Kama ~ is the pleasure you experience when sharing your gifts. (This does not include indulgence. Indulgence is not life-enhancing.)

4.) Moksha ~ It?s all for Freedom! To be Free to be yourself.

Artha, Kama and Moksha all connect back to dharma. And they don?t necessarily need to be in that order. John highly recommended applying these 4 main aims to any part of your life?.job, relationship? and go through them. For example, does what you do provide you with all the things you to need to live out your dharma?  Do you feel creatively free to be yourself in your work? Life is what we make of it. Yes, life has its challenges but we have an an option. To suffer from how we unconsciously choose to react to what happens rather than consciously respond.

John say’s – Dharma is about responding, the ability to respond is Dharma.?  – Learn to respond to whatever is happening to you. Just do the best you can. Our dharma is to contribute to the world. To make more Beauty. To create Freedom and Expression.

Anusara Yoga opens your heart to all possibilities and allows your mind to contemplate new truths – each session awakens you to a deeper sense of self and what is natural to you….

“To awaken is your highest dharma. To be in your heart is your highest dharma”. ~John Friend

With love,


Brigitte xx