Ahisma is the yogic practice of non violence, which includes physical, mental and emotional violence towards ourselves. Its a very challenging and overwhelming practice to take on, as we we tend to judge others and ourselves. We get angry, we criticise and get irritated. Anger is actually one of the most powerful and potent of all human emotions and can be a mask for fear, and is actually fed our own thoughts.

The idea of forgiving someone who has harmed us, or who has harmed someone we love, goes against the very fibre our human nature. The small child within us usually rebels at the thought and says “What about my hurt? What about my feelings? What about me?”

So why should we forgive? We forgive because every second that we hold on to resentment we are allowing venom to occupy the place that love ought to occupy in our hearts. We will carry the poison and we will hurt until we can let it go. Being out of alignment is the reaon that these emotions arise, when we can take notice of this and try to nurture this state, we can actually change our interpretation of the event.

Ultimately, forgiveness is a promise we make to ourselves in which we say “I will not harden my heart, I offer myself peace”.

All love Brigitte xx