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Grenadine Lodge yoga holiday, Turkey

ONLY ONE ROOM LEFT! Monday 30th Sept – Monday 7th October 2019 Experience stunning lakes, river boats, white sandy, beaches, mountains, mud baths, hammam baths, turtles, exquisite food and twice daily yoga.

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CPD Advanced Teacher Training weekend

14th and 15th Sept 2019. This sophisticated 2-day teacher training at Camyoga in Cambridge, will give new and experienced teachers a patent to simplify their approach toward choreographing/sequencing classes towards an apex pose.

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I have been studying under Brigitte since the beginning of my yoga journey 5 years ago. She has brought me physical and emotional awareness and transformation. Her classes are a joy. They are energizing, respectful, filled with uplifting music, warmth, transporting scents and key moments of silence. Her teaching is underpinned by a deep intention set at the beginning of class which may honour the seasons, nature, a connection to our hearts or simply the beauty of humanity. Principles of alignment, breath work, expert knowledge of anatomy and conveying integrity of posture are threaded through every class like a continual garland of flowers; instruction is given with strength and clarity, but with softness, flexibility and humour too. There is always the chance to play and try something new, and in this space the most beautiful things happen; advanced postures are achieved, emotional release and peace unravels, and the strongest friendships are formed. She is forever kind, forever non-judgmental, inclusive and abundantly positive whilst also acknowledging the darker, more challenging aspects of life. What makes her classes unique is her capacity to give wholly and completely, in body, soul and spirit, to her students and the yogic space. The collective energy in the room will be pumping with heat, laughter and dynamic movement one minute, and to a questioning, contemplative, restorative tone the next. Her classes facilitate the most powerful choreography of the human spirit I have yet experienced. To enter Brigitte’s class is to enter a sacred space. Nothing should hold you back if you “thinking” about trying yoga with Brigitte – you are already there, because she has already welcomed you, and no matter what, you are in safe hands.”

Imogen Clare, April 2016